Reading glasses and sunglasses by the French brand Izipizi (formerly called See Me) are strong and comfortable. The material feels less hard than the cheaper glasses and they last a long time. For a long life, it is better not to put them on top of your head. They come with a felt cover and in a nice cardboard box.

For reading glasses you can indicate the required strength in the comments field with your order. We have them from +1 to +3. Reading/sun glasses combined are available on order, delivery time is on average two weeks. Please order sunglasses and indicate which diopter you need. 

  • IZIPIZI sun glasses (several options)
    IZIPIZI sun glasses (several options)

    Comfortabele en stevige zonnebril, verkrijgbaar in 4 kleuren waarvan elk in 2 modellen.

    Een zonnebril op leessterkte (sterktes +1, +1,5, +2, +2,5 en +3) is beschikbaar op bestelling met een levertijd van ongeveer 2 weken. Bij uw…

    € 40,00
  • IZIPIZI reading glasses (several options)
    IZIPIZI reading glasses (several options)

    Comfortabele en stevige leesbril, verkrijgbaar in sterktes +1, +1,5, +2, +2,5 en +3. Bij uw bestelling kunt u in het opmerkingen veld de door u gewenste sterkte aangeven.

    Strong and comfortable reading glasses, diopters +1 +1,5…

    € 30,00
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