We are proud of the brands we sell, all of which, like us, do their best to make beautiful things that last a long time and harm our environment as little as possible. This list is the result of years of searching and collecting, deleting and adding, and always on the move. Here is a short description of the brands we have in store at the moment and a link to their 'about us' page, if you want to know more about them, just like we do.

ANNE BLACK: Anne Black in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been designing and making porcelain tableware and accessories since 1996. Since 2005, she has also collaborated with a craft workshop in Vietnam.

CAVALLINI & CO: Stationery, posters and desk accessories all the way from San Francisco with a vintage look and good old-fashioned quality. 

CHARLOTTE WOONING: Handmade jewellery, by Charlotte Wooning, in Rotterdam, that is delicate and original. Made of silver and gilded silver. We have rings, necklaces and earrings in the shop.

EVA SCHREUDER: Handmade in Leiden, silver and gold-plated jewelery that has an authentic natural look.

FLAWED: Dutch brand, the jewelry is made in Bali in the workshops of self-employed craftsmen. Beautiful and refined handicraft of good quality.

FREITAG: We have been selling these bags made in Switzerland of used truck tarpaulin since 2010 in our store in Leiden and we have expanded the collection here over the years. Since June 2018 we also have a FREITAG Store in Rotterdam. More information

FRRRY: Frrry is Ferry Meewisse's label in Utrecht. Frrry is a small company and he makes his own designs in its own workshop. Every year some designs are added, based on his personal ideas, regardless of trends. His designs last for years; not only as a design, but also as a product. For the implementation Ferry is constantly looking for beautiful materials that feel good, age beautifully and are responsibly produced.

HAFOD GRANGE from Wales supplies unique spheres of synthetic resin with various flowers in them. Sublime eye-catcher! 

HESTER ZAGT makes jewellery by hand from silver, porcelain, pearls and stones from real minerals. Delicate, lovely and original.

HK LIVING is a Dutch brand that develops pure and original products with a Dutch perspective on interior design in collaboration with small producers in many different countries. The way of working, the material that is used and the local craft are central to this. 

HOUSE DOCTOR is a Danish family business that has been providing a 'daily vitamin boost for a more stylish, inspiring and personal home' since 2001.

HÜBSCH: a fairly young Danish interior and design company that since 2010 designs and has made high-quality, refined furniture and accessories in a typical Scandinavian style. 

ÎLE D'OR: Handmade jewelry, from our own studio in the shop in Leiden, by Claudia de Zeeuw. Her love for an island called Île d'Or in the Mediterranean near St. Raphaël is the inspiration for this jewelry line. The rings are made of silver and 14 karat gold with real sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond. She can also make jewelry for you entirely according to your own wishes. Île d'Or Instagram page

INKARI ALPACA is handmade at Alpaca d'Oro in Peru. The products vary from slipper to scarf to super soft cuddly toys and pillows. Inkari believes in transparency. Everyone who helps in the making of the products in Peru is treated with respect and receives a fair wage and good conditions. Fair trade is the number 1 priority in the relationship with the workers in Peru. In addition, they are friendly to the Alpacas and the animals are treated with respect and never hurt for their wool. 

IZIPIZI: IZIPIZI is headquartered in Paris and makes fashionable reading glasses and sunglasses that are of excellent quality and reasonably affordable. 

JEH JEWELS: The company of mother and daughter Coby and Elselien van Buren is located in Maasland, The Netherlands. The extensive collections are designed with love and handcrafted in collaboration with a workshop in Israel. Jéh Jewels only works with high-quality materials, such as 925 sterling silver, G14K gold, real gemstones and pearls. 

JUDITH BLOEDJES: Ceramic artist Judith Bloedjes, based in Leiden, makes jewelery from porcelain and silver that stands out because of the beautiful material, the beautiful shapes and the robustness in combination with the lightness of the design. In addition, we have produced the most beautiful (tea) mugs and beautiful objects that do very well in a vase and thus show off the flowers. All hand-turned from Limoges porcelain. 

KAWECO: The history of these pens and fountain pens starts in Heidelberg, Germany in 1889 and these pens still meet the standards of the time and are still made in the same artisan way. The design has not changed much either, so these pens and fountain pens are still appreciated for their simplicity, style and quality.

KEECIE: Keecie was created in 2007 in Klaartje de Hartog's small living room in the Pijp in Amsterdam. Since then, it has grown into an internationally renowned Dutch Design brand, Klaartje still designs the collection and is assisted in production by a sewing workshop in Poland.

KLOQ: Designer Arjan Ros is the son of a watchmaker and designed a modern clock inspired by an old clock from his father. The clocks are made in our own workshop in The Hague from FSC approved birch wood and colored laminate.

LAPUAN KANKURIT: In the middle of Finland (in Lapua) they have been making the most beautiful blankets, tablecloths, towels and tea towels from beautiful and natural fabrics in a family business and weaving mill (Kankurit means weaving mill) since 1917.

LINDFORM: Both the large vases and the pebble and mini vases from Lindform are a combination of Scandinavian simplicity and Asian harmony. The vases are produced in Thailand in collaboration with the Swedish Lindform by a small family business with 40 years of experience in ceramic production. The products are handmade and the homemade porcelain clay is lead-free. All vases together form a beautiful pebble beach, but each vase separately is also of a beautiful simplicity, with and without flower! The inside of the vases is glazed.

LOVELY LINEN: Swedish company that only uses linen. Linen is made from flax, which grows mainly in Europe and uses much less water than cotton. It is very pleasant on the skin and lasts a long time. A crease here and there only adds to the charm.

MAAIKE HÉLÈNE: Handmade leather bags, from our own studio in the store in Leiden, by Maaike Duijvekam.

MC NUTT OF DONEGAL: The artisan weaving mill in Downings, on Ireland's Atlantic coast, has been weaving the finest traditional wool blankets for 60 years.

MARIUS FABRE: Handmade since time immemorial, in the heart of Provence: Marius Fabre's products contain only natural and / or organic ingredients. Marius Fabre still respects the traditional soap making process and guarantees the purity of its Marseille soaps: no fragrances, no dyes and no preservatives. This is not only beautiful out of respect for tradition, but also produces a very sustainable soap, made from one raw material: pure vegetable oil. The entire range is without parabens, dyes and without petrochemical ingredients.

MOEBE: Danish young company that strives for sustainability in everything. Beautiful products made of excellent material.

NOTEM: Started in Copenhagen in 2017, all products are designed in Denmark and made from Scandinavian paper.

O MY BAG: Changing the world one bag at the time, is the slogan of this sustainable brand based in Amsterdam, which has a close relationship with a number of small producers in India. Sustainability is implemented in all details at this company.

PEPIN PRESS: Pepin van Roojen started his company in 1988 and still runs it, now with his wife Anette, from Amsterdam. Printing is mainly done in Malaysia.

PHILOMIJN: Philomijn bags and accessories have been designed since 2005 by Philomijn Eijssen in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands. The bags are feminine, tough and stylish and are made of beautiful leather in different types and colors.

PUC BAGS: Tough, simple and stylish. These are the leather bags from PUC, the label of Sandra Roozen in Haarlem. Designed and made in the Netherlands. Just by hand, as you should make a bag. With love and an eye for detail. That way you know one thing for sure: your bag is unique. It is not without reason that PUC stands for Personalized Unique Collection.

RENATE NEDERPEL: Dutch designer, specialized in folded structures and textile products, from furniture to fashion accessories. We sell her fashionable bow ties and matching cufflinks.

SECRID: Designed and made in the Netherlands, the now well-known aluminum card holder in various leather covers. Recently also available with a truck tarpaulin cover, in collaboration with FREITAG.

SHAMPOOBARS & PAPER AND BOO: Shampoo bars are made completely plastic-free in Deventer, The Netherlands. The sustainable bathroom products from Paper & Boo complete your sustainable bathroom.

SILKEBORG: Scarves from the town of Silkeborg in Denmark, made of the finest quality wool and with the characteristic sleek design that Scandinavia is known for.

STUDIO FLASH: Mr. and Mrs. Flash make their original and funny cards themselves in their own garage in Lokeren, Belgium.

STUDIO HARM EN ELKE: Elke makes unique porcelain products, by hand, in Eindhoven. Vases, bowls, cups and plates glazed with many different beautiful colors.

VAN DE ZOTTE: Mills is a perfume for men and women that recalls the craft of the miller, consisting of the wonderful blend of scents that arise from the spices that were formerly ground by the mill.

&KLEVERING: & Klevering was founded in 1992 and has grown over the years into a tasteful, original and recognizable home accessory brand with its roots in Amsterdam.

24BOTTLES: 24Bottles® is the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the aim of reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives.

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